Corporate Investigation

Corporate investigation has increasingly become more commonplace within corporate America for both civil and criminal activities related to a company or organization. A private investigator utilized in this venue is a highly trained professional who handles a host of investigative tasks and risk management issues for the organization.

Spanning a broad list of possible allegations, a corporate investigation might include civil and criminal fraud, non-compliance of non-disclosure agreements, patent infringement, embezzlement, accounting irregularities, cybercrime, political campaign investigation and many other activities. A corporate investigator can conduct both internal and external investigations for companies and organizations, depending upon the assignment.

During an internal investigation, the investigator might be looking at events or activities inside the company, such as drug use, employee theft, sexual harassment or inappropriate use of social media/Internet sites. For external investigations, the investigator might be researching irregularities with a vendor’s billing, patent infringement or even criminal activities related to partner companies. Specific activities might include interviews, computer searches, social networking research, court testimony, pre-employment screening, trial support and surveillance investigation. Often, undercover investigators might be used on-site at the company or organization, posing as employees to complete their investigations.

Risk managers often use private investigators to mitigate corporate losses. Obtaining information from witnesses within the company can many times reduce unnecessary workmen compensations claims and employee thefts.